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First Place Paper by ADC's Jazmine Lawrence

Congratulations to the 2024 Student Paper Winners!

This past week CBE announced that Jazmine Lawrence has won first place in their 2024 Conference Student Paper Competition. CBE’s student paper competition is an opportunity for students to develop a research paper on an issue pertaining to CBE International’s 2024 conference, “Tell Her Story: Women in Scripture and History.” Jazmine will have the opportunity to present her paper at the conference in Denver, Colorado this July. Following that, CBE intends to publish the paper in the Autumn 2024 Priscilla Papers.

Jazmine lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her husband and son and attends Acadia Divinity College as a second year MA (Theology) student. She hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, growing up as one of five girls before joining the Royal Canadian Air Force for fourteen years. Congratulations, Jazmine!

A summary of Jazmine Lawrence's first place article:

“Amidst a flurry of narratives that make up the book of Numbers, a brief twelve verses in chapter 27 tells the story of the five daughters of Zelophehad. This paper explores how Numbers situates these five women as leaders in Israel's pivot from faithlessness and rebellion to faith for taking the promised land. The passage hints at not only poetic reversal of the fall as concerns women, but also fulfillment of Jacob's usually symbolically translated blessing over the daughters' tribal father, Joseph, in Gen 49, which misses the literal reference to daughters in the Hebrew. Looking forward into the NT, Jesus then speaks a promise in the book of Revelation that revives (in a word-for-word quote from Nu 27 in the LXX) and ultimately fulfills for all believers the daughters' plea to let their father inherit the promised land through them. These five women actively seek responsibility to steward the promised land, an activity otherwise passively assigned to sons in Israel, and do so by challenging the cultural norms among God's people. God, himself, responds favorably to their request, an encouragement to women who find themselves disadvantaged within church culture, to continue actively and wisely seeking the responsibility they feel called and empowered to undertake."

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