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ASBE Gets a New Logo!

The Atlantic Society for Biblical Equality is pleased to debut our new logo!

The logo represents the core values of ASBE and reflects our renewed commitment to advancing the cause of biblical equality in Atlantic Canada.

The large image of a Bible represents our commitment to biblical equality. Our views and values are derived from the Bible and its message of equality for all people.

The design in the middle of the Bible has multiple meanings. First, it is shaped like a cross, reflecting the centrality of Christ to the work that we do.

This image also represents four individuals joined together in community, equality, and celebration.

Its four parts can also represent the four Atlantic provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. ASBE’s work extends throughout this region.

We are grateful to graphic designer Gordon Dickinson for his outstanding work on this logo, which he generously gifted to ASBE as a reflection of his commitment to our mission of biblical equality.

For more from Gordon, check out his website at Be sure to let him—and us—know what you think about our new logo!

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